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Pan de Muerto

Share Our Most Beloved Tradition here, in NYC

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Gather around with friends and family and taste this amazing experience.


Size Price
¾” #0 $1.25
1 1/2” #2 $2.50
2” #3 $3.50
Sugar Skull With HatSmall$10.00
Sugar Skull With HatMedium$12.00

Papel Picado

Tira de hojasSmall$8.00
Tira de hojasLarge$10.00
Papel picado tamaño
Door size$14.50

Pan de Muerto

Size Price
2 1/2''Small$2.00
3 1/2 -4''Regular$3.50

Feel free to ask for details on our route and costs. Let us know if you have food allergies.


Cup for coffee día de muertos $10.00
Bag día de muertos $15.00
Beer Glass día de muertos $11.99

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